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paceline -

Ahhhhh the paceline! A paceline is the most efficient way for a group to move at speed through the wind and is achieved by having one line of fast riders 'pulling' through and another adjacent line of slow riders 'drifting' back to rejoin the faster line. This rotation effectively allows the slower group to rest while [...]

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avocados, eat more fat, ketogenic, ketosis -

Yes, I said it. I’ve grown so tired of hearing people claim that “fat makes you fat” and “non-fat is the way to go”. I get it, as I too was raised in a home where low fat ranch dressing and nonfat milk resided on the shelves of our fridge. It was the ‘80s and the “low fat [...]

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rock cobbler -

The Rock Cobbler in Bakersfield is quickly becoming one of my favorite events and is something I have looked forward to since last February. It’s more than a typical gravel grinder thanks to the big climbs, challenging downhills, and Bakersfield “scenery” along the side of the trail (ok, trash). There’s even a lot [...]

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