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Monkey Goo Tubeless Sealant

Lose the measuring cup and potential mess; measure and pour using one container! RedMonkey Sports Monkey Goo™ utilizes small particles of silicone that gather together around a puncture to help reduce air loss as the high quality latex begins to clot and seal the hole. Designed for use in tubeless and tubular systems. Tested and proven to easily and quickly seal multiple punctures in real world and competition environments. PROUDLY made in the USA.

Media Reviews


Grips can make or break a ride.  They’re small in size but have one of the biggest effects on comfort.  As you know, the wrong grip can cause soreness, pain, and just make for a miserable experience.  Red Monkey’s Karv (xt) grip is a simple design that gave us nothing but comfort on long rides.



More and more riders are singing the praises of silicone grips thanks to the efforts of brands like Red Monkey and ESI. Even so, there are still those out there that prefer the convenience and holding power of a lock on. Since having options is always good, Red Monkey is putting the Klampz to their silicone with their first lock on grip.



I first heard about RedMonkey Sports and their silicone grips back at the Sea Otter Classic when their Karv was on display. Now, they are back at it with a new lock-on grip called the Klampz. The company itself is based in Orange County, CA and they manufacturer the grips locally.